23rd May 2015 Update on Dharamshala Girl Rape Case News

By | May 23, 2015

23rd May 2015 Update on Dharamshala Girl Rape Case News

As we all know that few days back there was news that a girl is raped in Dharamshala College. But till now there is no evidence that can make this case strong. Yesterday a photograph was also shared on the social media and claiming that the girl has died at IGMC Shimla. But according to the reports there was no such case at IGMC and no girl died there because of sexual abuse. All these allegations are found to be rumors as there is no strong evidence to prove this incident true. Government requested people not to believe in such as these kinds of rumors will spoil the image of Himachal Pradesh.

23rd May 2015 Update on Dharamshala Girl Rape Case News

The police and the special investigation team are still working on the case and have announced a reward of Rs. 25000 for providing any useful information regarding this case. But till now there is not even single evidence. Mr. Sudhir Sharma the MLA of Dharamshala was also against this message as it was said that his son was involved in this case. But Mr. Sudhir Sharma cleared yesterday that his son or his any relative is not in Dharamshala College.

Our honorable chief minister Mr. Virbhadra Singh also said that it is just a rumor spread to spoil the image of Himachal Pradesh as no evidence or witness is coming in front. But still he wants that police must investigate about this matter thoroughly and find out what the matter is all about.

23rd May 2015 Update on Dharamshala Girl Rape Case News

23rd May 2015 Update on Dharamshala Girl Rape Case News

The message spreading on social media first stated that the girl is admitted in the Tanda Hospital but yesterday the message come out that the girl died at IGMC, Shimal. So, all these things are confusing everyone. But the special team is going to find out whether the message is false or not. Till than government has requested, that not to believe in such messages. As these messages can ruin the image of Himachal Pradesh.


A painful incident took place, few days back in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. In a degree college of Dharamshala four students raped their junior. Till now there is no complaint or FIR is lodged as the culprits belong to the high profile family.

The complaint is neglected by the Police, as the complaint will influence the reputation of the family. It is said that the college authorities has also neglected that there is no such incident happened in their college.

Local news channels and newspaper has also taken their steps backward. There is not even a single column in the newspaper regarding this incident. The principal of college said that on Saturday a girl came to him and said that her younger sister is being sexually harassed but when the principal said her to give a written complaint, the girl didn’t do that and left the office.

Few college students and the elder sister of that girl also tried to lodge a FIR but there is no such complaint in the police records. District police said that few students came to them but after that the complainers got disappeared.

23rd May 2015 Update on Dharamshala Girl Rape Case News

In the college premises ABVP students and their leaders are supporting the girl and are raising the slogans. They demanded the CCTV footage of that day as the campus is covered under E-surveillance. The girl basically belongs to Chamba and came to Dharamshala for completing her education. She uses to stay in a rented room in Dharamshala. We also came to know that the girl has no parents.

The culprits molested her so badly that the girl is admitted in the hospital and the doctors said that they have to take her uterus out to save her life. Till now we can’t say that it is a rumor or reality. This news is spreading at a pace through social networks and the college students also want justice for the girl.

If it is a reality then we must unite and send the culprits behind the bars, no matter they belong to any family. It is the most shameful and shocking deed ever happened in Himachal Pradesh

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