Laman Band All Songs | Watch Videos – Kaali Ghagri PIYA NA Jaa

By | June 22, 2016

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Laman Band Songs mainly focus on our Himachali Culture. Some of the Songs are related to Lord Shiva and Few are form the Old Folks those are sung by other Himachali Singer like Karnail Rana, Kuldeep Sharma and Geeta Bhardwaj Others. The all latest LAMAN Band Songs will be available on this website to see by you tube link. Stay in touch with us.

Sone Sone shimla re sadka jinde

haye chal chablyea sadka jinde

Kaali Ghagri LE Ayea ho,

HO Kaali Ghagri le ayea oooo…..

New Song Launch on 11the December 2015 (PIYA NA Jaa)

Till now many of us are familiar with this name Laman. It is a musical band formed in Himachal Pradesh. The name Laman is taken from the folk song from Laaman which originated in Himachal Pradesh. The word Laman is a synonym of Love. This band is an Indian Folk & Semi classical band which is exploring the India’s vast cultural diversity.


Laman Band All Songs | Watch Videos - Kaali Ghagri Download

Laman Band All Songs | Watch Videos – Kaali Ghagri Download

As being a Himachali, we are proud to have such a musical band from our state. The band name reflects our culture. Laman took an initiative to promote and explore our culture through music. The youth doesn’t relate with much pahadi songs and videos but Laman changed their way to look at Himachali culture. Laman brought forward the modern sound quality, high standard videos and themes which attracted the youth and the other age group people towards them.

Kaali Ghagri…..

There are mainly two guys behind Laman i.e. Abhishek Bisht and Shishir Chauhan. These two are childhood friends. Once they planned to promote the Himachali culture and the beautiful hidden melodies of Himachal. Now is the time when they actually formed a band and come up with their two heart touching songs and videos. The songs are Bhole Baba and Kali Ghagri.

The songs and videos were made in Himachal Pradesh only. The video were developed in the beautiful valley of Kullu and later covering the important and the blended parts of Himachal Pradesh. The songs are melodious and connects us with the nature. These songs explored the scenic beauty of Himachal Pradesh and symbolizes the emotion of love. These songs emphasis the immense power to keep people rooted with the nature.

Laman Band All Songs | Watch Videos – Kaali Ghagri Download

Song Bhole Baba….

Laman Band All Songs | Watch Videos – Kaali Ghagri Download

Both the songs were released in 2014 with their amazing videos. In Shimla’s film festival Laman’s first song “Bhole Baba” got the best music award in 2014. They are still in progress to explore the culture of Himachal Pradesh in India and across the world. Let’s unite with them and let us show to the world that our state is very rich in cultures and traditions and is one of the beautiful place all over the world.

Song Raviye….

Band NameLaman
Total Songs3
Song Name1. Raviye
2. Bhole Baba
3. Kaali Ghagri
Sources of VideosYoutube
Song TypeTraditional Folk Songs
Himachali Songs
MembersAbhishek Bisht
Shishir Chauhan

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