HP Panchayat Sahayak Result Ban Stop Stay Announced After 30th July

By | July 25, 2015

HP Panchayat Sahayak Result Ban Stop Stay Announced After 30th July | Himachal Panchayat Secretary Banned Result, Stay on HP Panchayat Sahayak till 30th July 2015, HP Government Stopped result of Panchayat Sahayak.

Himachal Pradesh HP Panchayat Sahayak exam was held on 14 June 2015. Exam was conducted in all over the state with a huge help of organizing committee.

Panchayat Sahayak Result Ban Stop Stay

Panchayat Sahayak Result Ban Stop Stay

Exam was conducted by HP board Dharamshala. Exam was conducted for the vacant 345 posts all over state.

Special arrangement for applicant was provided during and after exam by governing committee. About 1lack 25 thousand applicants applied for written exam. From which only 80 thousand came make it to examination center on due date.

HP Panchayat Sahayak Result Ban Stop Stay

As applicants waiting for the result of examination, a strange misshaping occurred.

Result is opposed by tribunal administration, due to the complaint of teachers of Silai-Kadhai kendras who were posted in various panchanyts.

They made a complaint in tribunal administration against the selection procedure of HP Panchayat Sahayak .as result administration decided to postpone the result date as per order of judicial court

The hearing of case will be on 30 July.

This not the first time that any exam result is postponed due to objection of peoples who want same post. This time teachers of Silai-Kadhai centers raise this objection due to reason that when they were hired by govt. for job they were kept on contract basis.

HP Panchayat Sahayak Result Ban Stop Stay

HP Panchayat Sahayak Result Ban Stop Stay

HP Panchayat Sahayak Result Ban Stop Stay

Now they saying that when they join their regarding post of teacher they were promised that whenever there will any examination in panchyat system , preference will be given to them for regular basis job.

HP Panchayat Sahayak Result Ban Stop Stay

HP Panchayat Sahayak Result Ban Stop Stay

Minister from Panhayatiy Raj Mr.Anil Sharma also conform the news of stay on result of HP Panchayat Sahayak.

Same examination was already alighted due to controversy in previous years .

Reports of previous examination show that department of tribunal examination was compromised due to corruption and leakage of question papers.

Also there was a lot of complaints about examination due to the reasons of disturbance in legal documentation of candidates.

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Content Written By : Savir Thakur ( Mandi) H.P

11 thoughts on “HP Panchayat Sahayak Result Ban Stop Stay Announced After 30th July

  1. Amar Singh

    Silai karai Teachers ko apne mamle apne base pr suljhane chahiye. Unki niyuktiya as a Silai-Karai ke Teacher k taur pr hui h iske liye kissi dusri vibhag ki niyuktiyo pr kissi bhi prakar ki tippni nhi krni chahiye. Hmm unki support krte h ki unka unhe hq mile prntu kissi dusre vibhag me dkhl na kre. Mantri mahoday se bhi anurodh hai ki hr vibhag ka uske lable pr solution kre na kissi dusre pr rok lga de. Iss tarh se negetivity jyada failti h or vishwas uthh jata hai. I requested to my dear all Panchayat sahayak Teachers please dont drop down leg of other people. If you really wants win then run on your own way. Be confident yourself.

  2. Anurag

    it is good to be result declare as soon as possible….. otherwise it is a big scam of approx rs. 5 crore by the govt… it will be d headline for indian media

  3. sanjeev

    Yes, We already declare that ,the govt. Of hp are realy full corupted than the other state.silayi kadai workers are already on the post. Pls sir ask to the sikai workers,they will be resign firstly for silayi kadai post, and then they will be participate in the written exame of panchayat sahayak, pls ask the silayi kadah worker ,they are agree for that or not…free me job mat dena sir,poore panchayat register pe kadai ho jayegi or govt pe ham kadai kr denge

  4. Kirna

    Sir, this is not first time when any exms results are postponed due to objection of people who want the same post . All such type of vacancies of h.p government seems painful for the students .Most of the time such type of vacancies are wastage of time and money for the students .We expand money to fill the form & to give examination in far flang areas.In same time The teachers of salai kadai Centres should be complaint regarding this at the time of recruitment not after examination.
    I can’t understand when will be our country become corruption free.Vacancies of any department should be annouced only when there are not such type of issues.All students are really frusted with such type of issues.

  5. Kapil Dev

    karne do bhai inko jo karna hai…if our result will not be declared and the teachers of silai kadhaai will be apponted for the same job. Then it is a warning for govt to get ready for next strike that would be don by the 1 Lakh students who has attend the exam and paid 400- registration fee. Govt has to refund that money.

  6. sanjeev kumar

    one thing i cant understand the worker of silayi kadhayi know the work of silayi kadhayi ..and there are no work in sectriate like silayi kadhayi…they can do case related silayi kadhayi feild.
    And the hp panchayat sectriate is not the work of silayi kadhayi…
    Otherwise if the coat decesion in favor of workrs..coat will be refund the money of 1lakh 20 thousand candidate as minimum 1200 rs per candidate 400 for aps form and 800 for time wastes claim…

  7. sanjeev kumar

    sir,its not fare,and this is clear that the govt of himachal pradesh are purely corrpted.
    It need change now 77000 of candidate are waiting for this result,
    the case of silayi kadayi workers are really crashed of at out of time,they could be win when they do case before the time of exame on14 june.
    That cant be fault of candidates.that is the fault of panchayati raz and workes of silayi kadayi. Otherwise they will be refund the money of 1lakh 20thusand candidate and waste time value…there are 4 days waste by the one candidate..they will be claimed for money and time wasting..

    1. rajeev

      yes bro they will have to refund fee of all the candidates (around one lakh
      we must have to file a case regarding this in high court just submit a application


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