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By | May 20, 2015

Latest News Update on Dharamshala College Gang Rape Date 22nd May 2015

Today Students Broke Name Plate of Principle office and Block the Main Road and Protest Against Gang Rape in Dharamshala College. 

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Minister Sudhir Sharma take strict action. The following update will tell you the full information details regarding today news.



Latest News Regarding Rape case in Dharamshala Degree College Girl | Dharamshala College Gang-Rape. Girl Rape in Dharamshala Collage Campus or outside | Girl Dead or Alive ????? | Videos by the Other Students | Pictures/Images of Students protesting against this.

   Latest Update on May 2015 

 Girl Sister Reach in Police Station and the police Station is sealed. Now the entry of any person is not allowed in the Police Station and Media Is also not allow to enter in the Police Station. Some Result will be come with in few


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Latest Update:- FIR is launched in the Dharamshala Gang Rape case now. Police Start Investigation on it. The main section police start investigation is the section 354 and 509. The case now filed against the Unknown People.

Himachal Pradesh is known for its beauty and is also known as place of Lords (Dev Bhumi) but few days back i.e. on Friday, a shameful and the ugliest incident happened. In Dharamshala degree college four students raped their junior. No complaint, no FIR was there as the culprits belong to a high profile family. The district police and the college authorities denied that there is no such incident happened. Even the local news channels and the media reporters kept silent as they know that the culprit belongs to a high family.

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Dharamshala College Gang-Rape

Such a shameful deed it was not even a single person has courage to stand for the girl. Everyone knows about this incident but there is no one to stand and speak out. Even in the local newspaper there is not even a single column for this news. After inquiring from the college students, we came to know that the culprit belongs to some minister’s family. College students also told that the culprits were in 4th year and the girl was in 1st year and was new to the college. It also come forward that the culprits were teasing the girl from many days. The girl basically belongs to Chamba District and she has no parents. She used to stay in a rented room in Dharamshala.

 Video By Students clear the reality

Dharamshala College Gang-Rape

Dharamshala College Gang-Rape

The girl is in a very critical condition that doctors have to take out her uterus to save her life. The girl is admitted in Tanda hospital and their also some people tried to kill the girl. Such a shameful deed and more than the deed, shame on the people who can’t even stand out for the girl. Where is the Humanity, has people forget their Humanity somewhere. When the same incident was happened in Delhi, it was made the nations issue and the country was on roads with the candles in their hands. That time people come forward because the culprit was just a driver anddoesn’t belong to some high profile family.

Dharamshala College Gang-Rape

In Delhi people came forward because the incident happened in the capital. So, what if this time the incident took place in the small town and the culprit belongs to a high profile family. We should stand for the girl, no matter if the girl has no parents, we will make the nation to stand, and we will unite. If the reporters are afraid to publish this news, we will spread the news through social networks.

Dharamshala College Gang-Rape 2

Dharamshala College Gang-Rape 2

Open up your hearts and stand for the right, the girl is waiting for the justice and we will make it for her. No matter if the town is small but the crime is big. We want the culprit to be arrested. The silence of police and media is questioning on their humanity. So, let’s unite and help the girl to get justice.

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