Babbu Maan (ITIHAAS) New Album 2015 Lyrics

By | April 17, 2015

Babbu Maan ITIHAAS New Album 2015 Lyrics Download

Babbu Maan Itihaas Album Songs List :—-

  1. Itihaas Song Jaan
  2. Saint Google
  3. Gabhru
  4. Gypsy Kali
  5. Mandian Ch Jaat
  6. Tralla
  7. Manji

According to the Babbu Maan Official Facebook Page the Album ITIHAAS will be released on Today 10th Of July 2015. The official Website and the Official Page released the Babbu Maan ITIHAAS Full Album Songs and Babbu Maan ITIHAAS Video Download for You Tube soon. Stay in touch with us for more updates and News on Babbu Maan. For show Booking and Contact Number of Babbu Maan Follow the official Website.

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Babbu Maan is one of the most popular singer in Punjab as well as Himachal and Other states. This website is belong to himachal but the singer those are Listen in Himachal Pradesh as well in Punjab we are use to write about them. So now we are come to the new topic and the new Album Of Babbu Maan. The New Album name is the ITIHAAS. The album is released in the month of April 2015.

Babbu Maan (ITIHAAS) New Album 2015

Babbu Maan (ITIHAAS) New Album 2015

All the songs of the album is sung by Babbu Maan. In this album the one song is the Trial song is the ITIHAAS. The most popular and the most listen song is ITIHAAS. So the main focus of the album is this song. The official trailer is launched on the Youtube official website and the I Tunes official Babbu Maan.

Babbu Maan (ITIHAAS) New Album 2015

We will tell you that you can always use to download the official and Genuine Content. Now a days thousand of the websites those make pirated songs and then uploaded on there website. Google want to Ban those websites but now a days this is a big problem. So we need to download the Genuine content from official website. If you download the ITIHAAS Mp3 official then visit the i-Tunes then pay and download it.

ITIHAAS Song is very Beautiful. So listen on Itunes now… Babbu Maan (ITIHAAS) New Album 2015

Abmum Name:- ITIHAAS

Singer:- Babbu Maan

Lyrics:- Babbu Maan

Release Date:- April 2015

Official Website:- Itunes

Babbu mann after his movie Baaz now release his new Album. Most of the Album of Babbu Maan are Hits. His album Tu Mere Miss India, Mitran DI Chattri and Mera Gaam are More are very-very Popular. We sure that this album is also make a big record in the Punjabi Music Industry. We wish all the best for Babbu Maan for his new Album.

Here we are Again on Babbu Maan Post. One of the vercatile singer in Punjabi Singer is Mr. Maan. M personally a Biggest Fan of Mr Babbu. I always travel so i listed most of the songs of Babbu Maan. Now the most Favorite Song is Ve Jalama. This song line are more Touching and full of Feeling. Always i Heard i feel Relaxed. So we I am Wish Mr. Babbu Maan Best of Luck for this New Album. This album is a Biggest Hit I Know very Well.

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